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06-05-2011, 02:00 PM
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RE: automatic braking system ABS
Sir, can u send more information about automatic car braking systemRolleyes
12-05-2011, 04:28 PM
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RE: automatic braking system ABS
Presented By:
Koushik Paul

.ppt  Seminar on ABS By-Koushik Paul1.ppt (Size: 6.42 MB / Downloads: 429)
Introduction To Brakes
It is one of the most important device.
Used to retard or stop the vehicle.
Kinetic energy translated to heat energy.
Kinetic energy increases with the square of the velocity.
Introduction to ABS
Wheel lockup during braking causes skidding which in turn cause a loss of traction and vehicle control
This reduces the steering ability to change direction. So the car slides out of control.
With ABS system, the driver can brake hard, take the evasive action and still be in control of the vehicle in any road condition at any speed and under any load.
History of abs
ABS was first developed for AirCraft in1929.
By French Automobile & Aircraft Pioneer Gabriel Voisin.
The German Companies BOSCH & Mercedes-Benz pioneered the first electronic version for use on Mercedes-Benz Cars in1936.
In 1960 A fully mechanical system used in the Ferguson P99 racing car, the Jensen FF and the Ford Zodiac, but saw no further use; the system proved expensive and, in automobile use, somewhat unreliable.
In 1975 Ford also introduced ABS on the Lincoln Continental Mark III and the Ford LTD station wagon, called “Sure Trak”.
History of abs
In 1978 Bosch And Mercedes-Benz Introduced the first completely Electronic 4-Wheel Multi-Channel ABS system in trucks and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.
In 1988 BMW became the world's first motorcycle manufacturer to introduce an electronic/hydraulic ABS system, this on their BMW K100.
In 1992 Honda launched its first ABS system  this on the ST1100 Pan European.
A-Wheel Speed Sensor
B-ABS control Module
C-pressure Release Valves
D-Brake caliper
Working principle o f abs
Anti lock braking system is made up of a central (ECU) Electronic Control Unit and four wheel speed sensors connected to each wheel of vehicle and two hydraulic valves located in the brake hydraulics. The electronic control unit monitors the rotating speed of four wheels on a constant basis and when this system finds a vehicle wheel rotating speed slower than the other three, where a situation arises such as an impending wheel lock.
There is a valve in the brake line of each brake controlled by the ABS. On some systems, the valve has three positions:
In position one, the valve is open; pressure from the  master cylinder is passed right through to the brake.
In position two, the valve blocks the line, isolating that brake from the master cylinder. This prevents the pressure from rising further should the driver push the the brake pedal harder.
III. In position three, the valve releases some of the pressure from the brake.
Working principle o f abs
The ABS system causes the valves to constantly reduce hydraulic pressure to brakes of the significantly lowered speed wheel thereby causing reduction of braking force on the affected wheel.
By this process, the lower speed wheel starts turning faster than other three wheels and when the electronic control unit finds that the wheel is turning faster than the other three, automatically brake hydraulic pressure to the affected wheel is increased by the ABS system so that braking force is reapplied and the wheel slows down.
This complete process performed by the ABS system is repeated continuously throughout the drive on mostly uneven roads and can be easily detected by the driver of the car with the help of brake pedal pulsation
Abs Diagram
Now let's put the parts together to see how anti-lock brakes work as a whole. This diagram provides both a closeup view & an example of where the brakes are located.
Types of abs
There are mainly three types of ABS used in the car.
Four-channel, four-sensor ABS: This is the best scheme. There is a speed sensor on all four wheels and a separate valve for all four wheels. With this setup, the controller monitors each wheel individually to make sure it is achieving maximum braking force.
Three-channel, three-sensor ABS: This scheme, commonly found on pickup trucks with four-wheel ABS, has a speed sensor and a valve for each of the front wheels, with one valve and one sensor for both rear wheels. The speed sensor for the rear wheels is located in the rear axle.
One-channel, one-sensor ABS: This system is commonly found on pickup trucks with rear-wheel ABS. It has one valve, which controls both rear wheels, and one speed sensor, located in the rear axle.
How abs works in car
% of using vehicle Vs year
Application in indian car
Maruti Suzuki Swift
Maruti Suzuki Ritz
Skoda Superb
Honda Accord
Honda City
Hyundai Verna
Hyundai i20
24-05-2011, 09:06 AM
Post: #8
RE: automatic braking system ABS
Simulation Of Antilock Braking System
An antilock breaking control system integrated with active system applied to a two wheeler is described in this paper. The anti-lock braking systems (ABS), active suspension systems ,traction control systems etc are used in the automobile indusrty for improving the passenger safetyand inprove the vehicular stability. The concept of integrating the antilock breaking system with the active suspension has been new. A slip-ratio control system for the ABS has also been proposed.
In a convetional breaking system if the driver applies a brake hard due t panic breaking, the wheels may get locked and the vehicle will skid. Antilock brake systems provide the capability for shorter stopping distances and the ability to steer and to maintain control during hard braking. Better lateral stability is achieved by pumping the rear brake. The rear wheel lockup is prevented and the rear end skidding is prevented. The stopping distance is shortened by providing the average braking force. The weather conditions, Road surfaces, driver proficiency, vehicle speed, tire tread wear, suspension components and tire inflation etc are the factors that affect the braking.
When sudden hard brake is applied, the wheels lock up and the drivers steering inputs won’t be transferred because the locked up wheels do not ransfer lateral forces. The ABS detects it early and if any of the wheels show a tendency to lock up while braking. It maintains a constant brake pressure level and helps to stop the vehicle.
Get the report here:

.pdf  Simulation Of Antilock Braking System.pdf (Size: 299.82 KB / Downloads: 299)

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12-08-2011, 02:48 PM
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RE: automatic braking system ABS

.pptx  Anti Lock Braking System (ABS).pptx (Size: 2.17 MB / Downloads: 103)
Anti Lock Braking System (ABS)

Wheel lockup during braking causes skidding which in turn cause a loss of traction and vehicle control
This reduces the steering ability to change direction. So the car slides out of control
With ABS system, the driver can brake hard, take the evasive action and still be in control of the vehicle in any road condition at any speed and under any load
Fundamentals of ABS
Anti-lock brake systems prevent brakes from locking during braking
On slippery roadways the wheel approach lock up, ABS brakes at this time takes over
ABS brakes modulates brake line pressure and, hence, braking force
Car with and without ABS
Tire Characteristics
Friction-Slip Curve
ABS Design Concept
Retention of vehicle stability and steering ability
Minimum reaction into steering wheel
ABS must utilize available tire-road friction optimally
ABS must adapt quickly to changes in tire-road friction levels.
ABS must minimize the yaw moment
ABS must provide stable braking while turning.
ABS is not a substitute for poor brake balance
ABS malfunctioning must be communicated with the driver
Abs Control Concept
The control of the different brake systems can be accomplished in following three manners:
Single-wheel control
Select-low control
Select-high control
Schematic Diagram of ABS
Types of ABS
Vacuum-powered systems
Separate ABS systems
Integrated ABS systems
Vacuum-powered ABS systems
Vacuum powered ABS systems are not used in the modern vehicles
In 1983, Chrysler and Mitsubishi used vacuum as the power source
It consists of a pressure control section, a vacuum powered pressure drive unit, and solenoid valve
Separate ABS systems
Since the reintroduction of ABS systems between the late ‘70s and mid-‘80s both separate and integrated systems have been used.
In 1978 the separate ABS 2S design manufactured by Bosch and was the first anti-lock brake system to go into mass production with Mercedes Benz automobiles
Integrated ABS system
Teves, in 1985 was the first company to introduce a compact integrated ABS system
ABS System Components
Wheel speed sensors
Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
Hydraulic modulator
Electric circuit
Wheel Speed Sensor
The wheel speed sensors signal the wheel speed to the ECU
ECU and Hydraulic Modulator
The ECU receives, amplifies and filters sensors signals, as well as measures and differentiates speeds
The hydraulic modulator converts the ECU commands for pressure modulation in the wheel brakes by use of solenoid valves
In-Use Factors and Operation of ABS Systems
Brake Fluid
Tire Size
Brake Fluid Level
14-02-2012, 01:14 PM
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RE: automatic braking system ABS
to get information about the topic automatic braking system full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
Rating automatic braking system ABS Options
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