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05-05-2012, 05:23 PM
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.pdf  biomedical inst.pdf (Size: 144.28 KB / Downloads: 48774)

Recent advances in medical field have been fuelled by the instruments developed by the
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineers. Pacemakers, Ultrasound Machine CAT,
Medical diagnostic systems are few names which have been contributed by engineers.
Now health care industry uses many instruments which are to be looked after by
instrumentation engineers. This subject will enable the students to learn the basic
principles of different instruments/equipment used in the health care industry. The
practical work done in this area will impart skill in the use, servicing and maintenance of
these instruments/equipment. Proficiency in this area will widen the knowledge and skill
of diploma holders in the field of biomedical instrumentation.


1. Anatomy and Physiology (10 hrs)
Elementary ideas of cell structure, heart and circulatory system, control nervous
system, Musclo-skeletal system, Respiratory system Body temperature and
reproduction system.
2. Classification of Biomedical Equipment (2 hrs)
Diagnostic, therapeutic and clinical laboratory equipment
3. Bioelectric signals and their recording (14 hrs)
Bioelectric signals (ECG, EMG, ECG, EOG & ERG) and their characteristics, Bioelectrodes,
electrodes tissue interface, contact impedance, effects of high contact
impedance, types of electrodes, electrodes for ECG, EEG and EMG.
4. Transducers for Biomedical Application (12 hrs)
Resistive transducers - Muscle force and Stress (Strain guge), Spirometry (Potentiont)
, humidity, (Gamstrers), Respiration (Thermistor)
Inductive Transducers - Flow measurements, muscle movement (LVDT)
Capacitive Transducers - Heart sound measurement, Pulse pick up
Photoelectric Transducers - Pulse transducers, Blood pressure, oxygen Analyses
Piezoelectric Transducers - Pulse pickup, ultrasonic blood flowmeter
Chemcial Transducer - Ag-Agfallas (Electrodes, PH electrode

5. Bioldectric Signal recording machines (8 hrs)
Physiological pre-amplifier and specialized amplifiers, ECG lead systems details of
ECG, EMG, and EEG machines
6. Patient Monitoring system (6 hrs)
Heart rate measurement pulse rate measurement, respiration, rate measurement,
blood pressure measurement, microprocessor applications in patient monitoring
7. X- Ray Machine (6 hrs)
Basic X-Ray components and circuits, types of X-ray machines e.g. general purpose,
dental image intensifier system, table shooting and maintenance of X- Ray machine
8. Safety Aspect of Medical …… (4 hrs)
Gross current, Micro Current shock, safety standards rays and considerations, safety
testing instruments, biological effects of X-rays and precautions


1. Minimum of eight exercises to be carried out and one field visit
2. Operation and function of all the controls of hospital X-Ray machine (visit at
3. Operation and function of all the controls of dental X-Ray machine (Visit to
4. Identification of different block/sub system of circuits in X-Ray machine
5. Measurement of skin contact impedance and technique to reduce it.
6. Observe its wave shape on CRO the output of blood pressure transducers body
temperature transducers and pulse sensors
7. Use of sphygrmanometer for measurement of blood pressure
8. Concept of ECG system and placement of electrodes
9. Measurement of leakage currents with the help of safety tester
10. PH measurement of given biological sample
11. Concept of EMG system and placement of electrode
12. Measurement of respiration rate using thermistor
13. Concept of EEG system and placement of electrode
14. Identification of different types of PH electrode


1. Medical Instrumentation by John. G. Webster –John Wiley
2. Principles of Applied Biomedical Instrumentation by Goddes & Baker – John
3. Biomedical Instrumentation & Measurement by Carr & Brown-Pearson
4. Biomedical Instrument by Cromwell-Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi
5. Hand book of Medical instruments by R.S. Khandpur –TMH, New Delhi
6. Medical Electronics and Instrumentation by Sanjay Guha – University Publication
7. Introduction to Biomedical electronics by Edwand J. Bukstein –sane and Co. Inc.
29-06-2012, 12:05 PM
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An Introduction to Bio Medical Instrumentation Science

.ppt  Bio Medical Instrumentation Science.ppt (Size: 554.5 KB / Downloads: 106)
Introduction to Biomedical Instruments

It deals with wide spectrum of
Life sciences i.e. plants, animals, Insects or
in nutshell all living organisms.
Study of only human being out of these is
Called Medical Science.
If we want to study Engineering principles
in medical science the resulting subject will
be Medical Engineering.
If we wish to cover more animals on the
earth, the science will be Bio- Medical
Engineering or Instrumentation is defined
as science of using measurements.


The study of Engineering principles from Biomedical Engineering involves following interests :
To understand mechanisms, efficiencies & physical changes of various subsystems of the body.
To evolve an instrumentation system for diagnosis, therapy and supplementation of body function.
To obtain qualitative & quantitative knowledge through different instruments which can help for analysis of disorders, and further the Biomechanics of the cure process.


Stethoscope, the first medical instrument of its own kind was invented in by French Physician Laennec.
Today in 1997 even at a district place in India computer aided tomography equipment is easily available.
For many years, the doctors, vaidyas depended upon pulse rate, thermometer and stethoscope , however today hundreds of sophisticated Biomedical instruments are available.


It is the branch of science that includes measurements of
physiological variables and parameters.
BMI provides the tools by which these measurements can be achieved.


The range of an instrument is generally considered to include all the levels of input amplitude & frequency over which the device is expected to operate.
The objective is to provide an instrument that will give a usable reading from the smallest expected value of the variable or parameter being measured to the largest.
27-07-2012, 10:40 AM
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