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13-06-2009, 06:12 PM
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Brain finger printing technology

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Brain fingerprinting is a technique that measures recognition of familiar stimuli by measuring electrical brain wave responses to words, phrases, or pictures that are presented on a computer screen. Brain fingerprinting was invented by Dr. B. S. Farwell. The theory is that the suspect's reaction to the details of an event or activity will reflect if the suspect had prior knowledge of the event or activity. This test uses the Memory and Encoding Related Multifaceted Electroencephalographic Response to detect familiarity reaction. It is hoped it might be more accurate than a polygraph (lie-detector) test, which measures physiological signals such as heart rate, sweating, and blood pressure.

The person to be tested wears a special headband with electronic sensors that measure the EEG from several locations on the scalp. In order to calibrate the brain fingerprinting system, the testee is first presented with a series of irrelevant stimuli, words, and pictures, and then a series of relevant stimuli, words, and pictures. The testee's brain response to these two different types of stimuli allow the testor to determine if the measured brain responses to test stimuli, called probes, are more similar to the relevant or irrelevant responses.


Presented By:

What an Embedded System?.
Automation of Cars.
Use of Automation of cars with embedded systems.
Range of detection.
T-Rays are Odd.
Concerning the Digital camera.
Revealing and Image making of T-Rays.


Brain Fingerprinting is a new computer-based technology to identify the person of a crime accurately
Brain Fingerprinting is based on the principle that the brain is central to all human acts.
Brain fingerprinting was invented by Lawrence Farwell which is used to detect the crimes based up on the brain wave responses

Why Brain finger printing?

In a criminal act, there may or may not be many kinds of peripheral evidence, but the brain is always there, planning, executing, and recording the crime.
As it can be applicable to determine the fundamental difference between a crime attempted person and a falsely accused.

This theory means that the brain processes known,
relevant information differently from the way it
processes unknown or irrelevant information.
The specific pattern EEG(electroencephalograph)
used in this technique is to process the known
information of a crime attempted person
Later Farwell discovered the MERMER ,
includes the P300 and additional features and is
reported to provide a higher level of accuracy than the
P300 alone.

MERMER Methodology:

Global Positioning System (G.P.S) using satellites can provide positioning information and proves to be a versatile all-time.
The models for GPS also include aiding sensors, e.g. dead reckoning, radar and camera.
An accurate steering control is obtained using Pulse Code Modulation technique

Interaction with Environment

The vehicle is required to withhandle its environmental capabilities with its intelligent controls.
basic driving functions consists of lane-keeping, safe distance maintenance, timely lane changing and overtaking.

WADGPS concept

The Master Control Station (MCS) receives the positioning information from the satellite by employing this concept.
The MCS is linked to GPS instrumented position location systems (PLS) installed on the autonomous vehicles through a data link sub system (DLS). The DLS can either use VHF or UHF or L-band, incorporating time division multiple access protocol to handle on the roads.

Dead reckoning performance

Once the vehicle commences the journey the sensors continuously keep track of the direction and displacement of the vehicle .
The desired destination and starting position of the vehicle together with the time of travel.

Digital road maps

The new generation microprocessors promises further increase in system capabilities.
The digital road maps, available on CD-ROMâ„¢s have substantially increased safety of automobiles.


When traffic slows down vehicle speed is altered using moderate braking to maintain a constant distance between his and other cars.
In advanced systems just in the case the driver over speeds or suddenly falls over and guides the car to a safe halt. And if you have programmed it right, the GPS in the car would take you to your destination .

If a smart thief has managed to break in through the car, the car doesn™t start up even if it does the computer I the car would lock the steering wheel and cutoff the fuel injection supply ¦ in the mean time a signal is set to the nearest police station and the owner informing them about the thief.
Some designs now include so-called "pre-safe" systems, which sense possible collisions in advance based on emergency braking, skidding, and sudden evasive maneuvers.

Making the autonomous easy to operate for the user and the designers should concentrate more in producing autonomous cars.
Due to speed control technique, accident free driving is possible and fuel savage is also made possible by the technique.
So that we could find ourselves using these autonomous cars in the near feature.

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16-07-2009, 10:07 PM
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RE: Brain finger printing technology
can i dwnload this
16-07-2009, 10:41 PM
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RE: Brain finger printing technology
plss fwd the report of this ropic
05-10-2009, 08:59 AM
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RE: Brain finger printing technology
10-10-2009, 02:59 PM
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RE: Brain finger printing technology

.doc  brain-fingerprinting.doc (Size: 83 KB / Downloads: 518)

.pdf  new Brain-Fingerprinting.pdf (Size: 524.46 KB / Downloads: 841)

Brain Fingerprinting is a controversial forensic science technique that determines whether specific information is stored in a subjectâ„¢s brain by measuring electrical brainwave responses to words phrases, or pictures that are presented on a computer screen (Farwell & Smith 2001). Brain fingerprinting was invented by Lawrence Farwell. The theory is that the brain processes known, relevant information differently from the way it processes unknown or irrelevant information (Farwell & Donchin 91). The brainâ„¢s processing of known information, such as the details of a crime stored in the brain, is revealed by a specific pattern in the EEG (electroencephalograph) (Farwell & Smith 2001, Farwell 94). Farwellâ„¢s brain fingerprinting originally used the well known P300 brain response to detect the brainâ„¢s recognition of the known information (Farwell & Donchin 86, 91; Farwell 95a). Later Farwell discovered the MERMER ("Memory and Encoding Related Multifaceted Electroencephalographic Response"), which includes the P300 and additional features and is reported to provide a higher level of accuracy than the P300 alone (Farwell & Smith 2001, Farwell 94, Farwell 95b). In peer-reviewed publications Farwell and colleagues report over 99% accuracy in laboratory research (Farwell & Donchin 91, Farwell & Richardson 2006) and real-life field applications (Farwell & Smith 2001, Farwell et al. 2006). In independent research William Iacono and others who followed identical or similar scientific protocols to Farwellâ„¢s have reported a similar high level of accuracy (e.g., Allen & Iacono 97).

Brain fingerprinting has been applied in a number of high-profile criminal cases, including helping to catch serial killer JB Grinder (Dalbey 99) and to exonerate innocent convict Terry Harrington after he had been falsely convicted of murder (Harrington v. State). Brain fingerprinting has been ruled admissible in court (Harrington v. State, Farwell & Makeig 2005). In the controversial Sister Abhaya murder case, the Ernakulam Chief Judicial Magistrate court had asked the Central Bureau of Investigation to make use of all modern investigation techniques, including brain fingerprinting
Brain fingerprinting technique has been criticized on a number of fronts (Fox 2006b, Abdollah 2003). Although independent scientists who have used the same or similar methods as Farwellâ„¢s brain fingerprinting have achieved similar, highly accurate results (Allen & Iacono 97; see also Harrington v. State), different methods have yielded different results. J. Peter Rosenfeld used P300-based tests incorporating fundamentally different methods, resulting in as low as chance accuracy (Rosenfeld et al. 2004) as well as susceptibility to countermeasures, and criticized brain fingerprinting based on the premise that the shortcomings of his alternative technique should generalize to all other techniques in which the P300 is among the brain responses measured, including brain fingerprinting.
and more

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