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21-04-2010, 10:39 AM
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HYDRO POWER PLANT presentation

.ppt  HYDRO POWER PLANT.ppt (Size: 634.5 KB / Downloads: 2243)


Presented by:



1) One of the most widely used renewable source of energy for generating electricity on large scale basis is hydropower
2) The power obtained from river or ocean water is called as hydropower
3) Hydropower is the renewable source of energy since water is available in large quantities from rain, rivers, and oceans and this is will be available for unlimited time to come


1) Water wheels
2) Hydro power plants
3) Wave energy from oceans
4) Tidal energy
5) Damless hydro power

Based on Quantity of Water Available

1) Run-off river hydro plants with pond
2) Run-off river hydro plants with pond
3) Reservoir hydroelectric power plants

Based on the Head of Water Available

1) Low head hydroelectric power plants
2)Medium head hydroelectric power plants
3) High head hydroelectric power plants

Based on the Nature of Load

1) Base load hydroelectric power plants
2) Peak load hydroelectric power plants


The continuous cycle in which water changes from water vapor in the atmosphere to liquid water through condensation and precipitation and then back to water vapor through evaporation, transpiration, and respiration

Water cycle in nature:

Water surface evaporation
Precipitation of clouds
Collected back to the oceans

Water energies: Kinetic energy , Potential energy


1) Water in reservoir
2) Fall in turbine blade
3) Shaft rotation
4) Electric generation
5) Flow back of water


1) Dam
What is dam

Classification of dams

Storage dams
Diversion dams
Detention dams
Overflow dams
Rockfill dams
Gravity dams

Storage dams

To impound water
Purpose - Irrigation
- Flood control
- Power generation

Diversion dams

For diversion
To provide sufficient pressure

Detention dams

To Minimize the effect of sudden floods
To trap sediment

Overflow dams

They carry water discharge over their crests

Rockfill dams

Rock instead of earth
Embankment dams hold back water by the force of gravity acting upon their mass

Gravity dams

Most gravity dams are made from concrete, a mixture of port land cement, water, and aggregates
They are much thicker at the base than the top

2) Water reservoir

Place behind the dam
Height of water
Potential energy

3) Intake or control gates

Gates inside of the dam.
Inlet gates

4) The penstock

To carries the water
Controlled by the control gates

5) Water turbines

Convert HYDROLIC energy to MECHANICAL energy

6) Generators

Convert MECHANICAL energy in ELECTRICAL energy
7) Transformer

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14-10-2010, 04:15 PM
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RE: HYDRO POWER PLANT presentation

.pptx  HYDRO ELECTRIC POWER(PPT).pptx (Size: 139.07 KB / Downloads: 376)


The cheapest source which is to generating power is water.
Hydro-electric power plant main aim was to generate power in flowing water.
The energy which is from hydel plant is utilized to drive turbine.
In India during 1987, the first hydro-electric power station was started near Darjeeling


Water reservoir.
Fore bay.
Surge tank.
Water turbine..
18-10-2010, 01:04 PM
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RE: HYDRO POWER PLANT presentation

.ppt  06 me 28 58.ppt (Size: 2.6 MB / Downloads: 566)
Hydro Electric Power Plant





In hydroelectric power station potential and kinetic energy of stored water is converted into electric energy .
For hydro power station factors like rainfall,steam flow available head and storage facilities are studied.
25% of electricity generation capacity in world is provided by hydel power plant.
In the countries like Norvey 99% electricity is produced by hydelpowerplant.

4% of the total hydel energy potential in world is in India.
In India 25.32% of total electricity generation capacity is produced by hydel power plant.
As per rocords of March-2000 23,816 MW electricity was generated by hydel power plant.
It is increasing day by day because of the institutes like National Hydro Power Corporation Limited(NHPCL).
17-03-2011, 02:38 PM
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RE: HYDRO POWER PLANT presentation

.ppt  hydro.ppt (Size: 52.5 KB / Downloads: 323)
Hydroelectric Power Plant

Dams are structures built over rivers to stop the water flow and form a reservoir
The reservoir stores the water flowing down the river. This water is diverted to turbines in power stations.
A spillway as the name suggests could be called as a way for spilling of water from dams. It is used to provide for the release of flood water from a dam.
It is used to prevent over toping of the dams which could result in damage or failure of dams
Penstocks are pipes which carry water from the reservoir to the turbines inside power station. They are usually made of steel and are equipped with gate systems. Water under high pressure flows through the penstock.
A tunnel serves the same purpose as a penstock. It is used when an obstruction is present between the dam and power station such as a mountain.
Surge tanks are tanks connected to the water conductor system. It serves the purpose of reducing water hammering in pipes which can cause damage to pipes.
The sudden surges of water in penstock is taken by the surge tank, and when the water requirements increase, it supplies the collected water thereby regulating water flow and pressure inside the penstock.
Power station contains a turbine coupled to a generator. The water brought to the power station rotates the vanes of the turbine producing torque and rotation of turbine shaft. This rotational torque is transferred to the generator and is converted into electricity.
The used water is released through the tail race. The difference between head race and tail race is called gross head and by subtracting the frictional losses we get the net head
 Elimination of the cost of fuel.
 Longer economic lives than fuel-fired generation
 Operating labor cost is also usually low
 No green house gas (CO 2 ) emission during power generation
This projects can be disruptive to surrounding aquatic ecosystems both upstream and downstream of the plant site
It needs to relocate the people living where the reservoirs are planned
Dams may be subject to enemy bombardment during wartime, sabotage and terrorism.
Changes in the amount of river flow will correlate with the amount of energy produced by a dam.
13-02-2012, 01:03 PM
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RE: HYDRO POWER PLANT presentation
to get information about the topic HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANTS full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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