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"Probabilistic Seismic Loss Assessment of a Vancouver High Rise Building ppt"

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Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol developed by IETF MMUSIC Working Group and proposed standard for initiating, modifying, and terminating an interactive user session that involves multimedia elements such as video, voice, instant messaging, online games, and virtual reality.
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A Embedded Linux is changing the face of embedded development and calling into question decades-old assumptions about how to build systems with real-time requirements. This paper reviews those assumptions and details how Linux can provide a viable platform for a range of response-sensitive embedded ..................

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Space is a hostile environment. No atmosphere, extreme variations in temperature and almost no energy sources, where even the slightest of mistakes can lead to a disaster. The vast emptiness of space is filled with radiation, mostly from the sun.

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Silicon photonics can be defined as the utilization of silicon-based materials for the generation (electrical-to-optical conversion), guidance, control, and detection (optical-to-electrical conversion) of light to communicate information over distance.

The most advanced extension of this concept..................

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Most of the microprocessors in the world are not in PCs, they are embedded in devices which control traffic for highways, airspace, railway tracks, and shipping lanes to manufacturing systems with robots.

An embedded system is any device controlled by instructions stored on a chip. These devices..................

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Affordable bandwidth will be as essential to the Information Revolution in the21 st century as inexpensive power was to the Industrial Revolution in the 18 th and 19 th centuries. Today's global communications infrastructures of landlines, cellular towers, and satellites are inadequately..................

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Digital Signal Processing is carried out by mathematical operations. Digital Signal Processors are microprocessors specifically designed to handle Digital Signal Processing tasks. These devices have seen tremendous growth in the last decade, finding use in everything from cellular teleph..................

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In major applications like major computer installations, process control in chemical plants, safety monitors, IC units of hospitals etc., even a temporary power failure may lead to large economic losses. For such critical loads, it is of paramount importance to use UPS systems.


Page name : High-availability power systems Redundancy options , Posted by: computer science crazy options, Redundancy, systems, power, High availability,
Almost all firms use UPS systems. They maintain the continuity of supply in case of power outages. But all UPS equipments regardless of manufacturer should be completely de-energized for preventive maintenance at least once per year. This limits the availability of the power system.


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One of the most common and difficult problems to solve in industrial power systems is the location and elimination of ground fault. Ground faults that occur in ungrounded and high resistance grounded systems do not draw enough current to trigger circuit breaker or fuse operation, making them difficu..................

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Maintenance has a far greater impact on corporate profitability than most managers are willing to consider, much less admit .And, as the competitive environment in the world continues to increase the pace, companies are looking for new strategies to save on costs, develop employees to ..................

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Global Issues

Everyday radios, newspapers, televisions and the internet warn us of energy exhaustion, atmospheric pollution and hostile climatic conditions. After few hundred years of industrial development, we are facing these global problems while at the same time we maintain a hi..................

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if you want to know more about this topics reply below with particular name, i will try to add more details...
Hy-Wire Car(43)
Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion(44)
Orbital/Space Mechanics
Aerospace Propulsion
HANS-In F1 Racing(45)

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A MAP sensor (manifold absolute pressure) is one of the sensors used in an internal combustion engine's electronic control system. Engines that use a MAP sensor are typically fuel injected. The manifold absolute pressure sensor provides instantaneous pressure information to the engine's electronic c..................

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