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"code division multiple access block diagram"

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Page name : Code Division Multiple Access CDMA , Posted by: computer science crazy CDMA, Access, Multiple, Division, Code,
Code division multiple access (CDMA) is a modulation and multiple-access scheme based on spread-spectrum communication. In this scheme, multiple users share the same frequency band at the same time, by spreading the spectrum of their transmitted signals, so that each user's signal is pseu..................

Page name : Worldwide Inter operatibility for Microwave Access , Posted by: computer science crazy Access, Microwave, operatibility, Inter, Worldwide,
In recent years, Broadband technology has rapidly become an established, global commodity required by a high percentage of the population. The demand has risen rapidly, with a worldwide installed base of 57 million lines in 2002 rising to an estimated 80 million lines by the end of 200..................

Page name : Wavelength Division Multiplexing WDM , Posted by: computer science crazy Multiplexing, Division, Wavelength,
In a WDM system, each of the wavelengths is launched into the fiber, and the signals are demultiplexed at the receiving end. Like TDM, the resulting capacity is an aggregate of the input signals, but WDM carries each input signal independently of the others. This means that each channel has its own ..................

Page name : Frequency Division Multiple Access FDMA , Posted by: computer science crazy FDMA, Access, Multiple, Division, Frequency,
Frequency Division Multiple Access Used for AMPS and TACS, the two key analog systems and their variants, this system gives each conversation its own unique radio channel. Division of a radio frequency into several channels by splitting the frequency band into distinct segments, which are assigned t..................

Page name : Time Division Multiple Access TDMA , Posted by: computer science crazy TDMA, Access, Multiple, Division, Time,
TDMA, or Time Division Multiple Access was one of the first cell phone digital standards available in the United States. It was the first successor to the original AMPS analog service that was popular throughout the country, and was in popular service from the early-mid 1990's up until roughly 2003 ..................

Page name : Code Division Duplexing , Posted by: computer science crazy Duplexing, Division, Code,
Reducing interference in a cellular system is the most effective approach to increasing radio capacity and transmission data rate in the wireless environment. Therefore, reducing interference is a difficult and important challenge in wireless communications.

In every two-way communi..................

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