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Page name : Biochips , Posted by: computer science crazy us biochips corp, biochips could replace animal, biochips and microarray, biochips array writer, biochips article, biochips and 666, biochips and microchips, biochips affymetrix, biochips and biosensors, biochips arrays, human biochips digital angel, biochips dna, biochips in human body, biochips in humans, biochips ethics, biochips definition, biochips and their uses, biochips applications, biochips advantages and disadvantages, biochips beyond dna technologies and applications, Biochips,
Biochips analyses biological materials to diagnose disease, aid in drug discovery and deliver medicine inside the human body to provide the basis for major research and commercial breakthroughs.

In the near future, patients will go to a doctor?s clinic with lab on chip devices. The device will i..................

Page name : DIGITAL IMAGING , Posted by: computer science crazy digital imaging and communication in medicine, digital imaging atlanta, digital imaging and design, digital imaging and communications in medicine, digital imaging association, digital imaging articles, online digital imaging academy, digital imaging artist, center for digital imaging arts, DIGITAL IMAGING, IMAGING, DIGITAL,
Digital imaging can be defined many different ways.
Digital imaging can be defined many different ways. I would like to submit that digital imaging is electronic transmission of information that has been encoded digitally and enhanced by technology that transmits information in a digital form. (As..................

Page name : Satellite Digital Radio , Posted by: computer science crazy dvb etsi satellite digital radio, european satellite digital radio, xm satellite digital radio, free satellite digital radio, sirius satellite digital radio, satellite digital radio standard, worldspace satellite digital radio receiver, satellite digital radio receiver, satellite digital radio frequency, satellite digital radio europe, satellite digital radio broadcasting standard, Satellite Digital Radio, Radio, Digital, Satellite,
Satellite digital radio is a radio system, which is specially designed for car radios. The operation of the satellite digital radio is that satellite receives the data generated by uplink station, amplify this data and send it back through special spot beam not only to fixed but also to mobile and p..................

Page name : Digital Audio Broadcasting DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting , Posted by: computer science crazy Digital Audio Broadcasting, Digital, Audio, Broadcasting, Digital, Audio, Broadcasting,


Digital audio broadcasting, DAB, is the most fundamental advancement in radio technology since that introduction of FM stereo radio. It gives listeners interference - free reception of CD quality sound, easy to use radios, and the potential for wider listening choice t..................

Page name : Digital Cinema , Posted by: computer science crazy Cinema, Digital,
Digital cinema encompasses every aspect of the movie making process, from production and post-production to distribution and projection. A digitally produced or digitally converted movie can be distributed to theaters via satellite, physical media, or fiber optic networks. The digitized ..................

Page name : Digital Watermarking , Posted by: computer science crazy Watermarking, Digital,
With the rapid growth of Internet and networks technique, multimedia data transforming and sharing is common to many people. Multimedia data is easily copied and modified, so necessity for copyright protection is increasing. It is the imperceptible marking of multimedia data to brand ownership. Di..................

Page name : Digital Subscriber Line DSL , Posted by: computer science crazy Line, Subscriber, Digital,

The accelerated growth of content-rich applications that demand high bandwidth has changed the nature of information networks. High-speed communication is now an ordinary requirement throughout business, government, academic, and work-at-home environments. High-speed Internet access,..................

Page name : Digital Hubbub , Posted by: computer science crazy Hubbub, Digital,
As far as consumer electronics is considered the latest talk in the town is about digital hubbub. his device is used as a hub to interconnect various any home devices .Along with the interconnecting capability hub also incorporates several functions like recording play backing etc of dat..................

Page name : Digital Light Processing , Posted by: computer science crazy Processing, Light, Digital,
Large-screen, high-brightness electronic projection displays serve four broad areas of application: (1) electronic presentations (e.g., business, education, advertising), (2) entertainment (e.g., home theater, sports bars, theme parks, electronic cinema), (3) status and information (e.g...................

Page name : Digital Audios Final Frontier-Class D Amplifier , Posted by: computer science crazy Amplifier, Frontier Class, Final, Audios, Digital,
Digital technology continues its march from media like CDs and DVDs toward your audio speakers. Today, amplifiers based on digital principles are already having a profound effect on equipment efficiency and size. They are also beginning to set the standard for sound quality.

An old idea, the Cla..................

Page name : Analog-Digital Hybrid Modulation for Improved Efficiency over Broadband Wireless , Posted by: computer science crazy Wireless, Broadband, over, Efficiency, Improved, Modulation, Hybrid, Analog Digital,
This paper seeks to present ways to eliminate the inherent quantization noise component in digital communications, instead of conventionally making it minimal. It deals with a new concept of signaling called the Signal Code Modulation (SCM) Technique. The primary analog signal is represented by: a s..................

Page name : Digital Visual Interface , Posted by: computer science crazy Interface, Visual, Digital,

In a constantly changing industry, DVI is the next major attempt at an all-in-one, standardized, universal connector for audio/video applications. Featuring a modern design and backed by the biggest names in the electronic industry, DVI is set to finally unify all digital media comp..................

Page name : Wireless Networked Digital Devices , Posted by: computer science crazy Devices, Digital, Networked, Wireless,

The proliferation of mobile computing devices including laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs),and wearable computers has created a demand for wireless personal area networks (PANs).PANs allow proximal devices to share
information and resources.The mobile nature of these devices ..................

Page name : Cellular Digital Packet Data , Posted by: computer science crazy Data, Packet, Digital, Cellular,

Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) systems offer what is currently one of the most advanced means of wireless data transmission technology. Generally used as a tool for business, CDPD holds promises for improving law enforcement communications and operations. As technologies improv..................

Page name : Stealth Fighter , Posted by: computer science crazy stealth electric vehicle, stealth email, stealth electric atv, dodge stealth engine, stealth exhaust, stealth digital camera, stealth dodge, stealth disco, stealth drone, stealth duck boats, stealth destroyer, diamond stealth drivers, stealth deer cam, stealth dvd, stealth definition, stealth archery, stealth atv, splinter cell stealth action redefined, stealth audio, stealth airplane, stealth antenna, stealth acoustics, stealth assassin, stealth auto, stealth aircraft, Fighter, Stealth,
Stealth means 'low observable'. The very basic idea of Stealth Technology in the military is to 'blend' in with the background. The quest for a stealthy plane actually began more than 50 years ago during World War II when RADAR was first used as an early warning system against fleets of ..................

Page name : FADEC - Full Authority Digital Engine Control , Posted by: computer science crazy Control, Engine, fadec da 42, fadec diamond, fadec decu, fadec download, fadec diesel, fadec description, fadec development, fadec diagram, fadec definition, fadec design, fadec crj, fadec control system, fadec cable, fadec cost, fadec cf34, fadec cirrus, fadec components, fadec cessna, fadec continental, fadec control, fadec advantages, fadec airbus, fadec acronym, fadec au 540, fadec aviation, fadec autostart, fadec aircraft engine, fadec airplanes, fadec authority, fadec aircraft, Digital, Authority, Full, FADEC,
FADEC is the acronym for Full Authority Digital Engine Control. It is a system consisting of a digital computer (called EEC /Electronic Engine Control/ or ECU /Electronic Control Unit/) and its related accessories which control all aspects of aircraft engine performance. FADECs have been produced fo..................

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