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Information Technology (IT) departments are looking for cost-effective storage solutions that can offer performance, scalability, and reliability. As users on the network increase and the amounts of data generated multiply, the need for an optimized storage solution becomes essential. Network Attach..................

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Even though the word DRAM has been quite common among us for many decades, the development in the field of DRAM was very slow. The storage medium reached the present state of semiconductor after a long scientific research. Once the semiconductor storage medium was well accepted by a..................

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Digital audio broadcasting, DAB, is the most fundamental advancement in radio technology since that introduction of FM stereo radio. It gives listeners interference ” free reception of CD quality sound, easy to use radios, and the potential for wider listening choice through ma..................

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Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) is a method for generating electricity which uses the temperature difference that exists between deep and shallow waters to run a heat engine. As with any heat engine, the greatest efficiency and power is produced with the largest temperature difference. This t..................

Page name : UNIVERSAL PLUG AND PLAY , Posted by: seminar projects crazy universal garage door opener, universal gear, universal gas constant, universal gym, universal docking station, universal dental, universal default, universal document converter, universal display, universal dvd, universal dance association, universal donor, universal design, universal declaration of human rights, universal building products, universal billiards, universal building code, universal bikes, universal box, universal battery, universal blood donor, universal bank, universal blood type, universal ballast, PLAY, PLUG, UNIVERSAL,
The term Plug-and-Play (PnP) has various meanings. In the broad sense it is just auto-configuration where one just plugs in a device and it configures itself. With the addition of Device Plug and Play (PnP) capabilities to the operating system it became a great deal easier to setup, configure, and a..................

Page name : MANAGING SECURITY ON MOBILE PHONES , Posted by: seminar projects crazy security bankcard center, security breach, security blanket, security bank of kansas city, security bank, security benefit, security audit, security architecture, security awareness, security auto loans, security analyst, security alert virus, security agreement, security analysis, security alert, us security associates, security alarms, security and exchange commission, national security agency, transportation security administration, social security administration office, security advisor, social security administration, security, PHONES, MOBILE, SECURITY, MANAGING,
The topic describes the challenges of provisioning and managing security in mobile phone environments and explains how a well-designed deployment system can alleviate these challenges. This seminar highlights new technology that Nokia and Texas Instruments are developing to address the challenges of..................

Page name : QUANTUM MIRAGE , Posted by: seminar projects crazy quantum consciousness, quantum communications, quantum cryptography, quantum chemistry, quantum corporation, quantum computing, quantum computers, quantum computer services, quantum builders, quantum bins, quantum bracelet, quantum boats, quantum books, quantum batteries, quantum bigfoot, quantum bank, quantum biofeedback, quantum battery, quantum apocalypse 2010, quantum analytics, quantum aviation, quantum agency, quantum alarm, quantum automation, quantum accurist, quantum alliance, quantum apocalypse, quantum audio, MIRAGE, QUANTUM,
Since it first appeared on the cover of Nature in February 2000, the quantum mirage? has featured on posters, calendars, websites and the covers of various books and magazines. The image ? which was obtained using a scanning tunnelling microscope ? shows the electronic wavefunctions inside an ellipt..................

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Today's Internet provides a best effort service. It processes traffic as quickly as possible, but there is no guarantee at all about timeliness or actual delivery: it just tries its best. However, the Internet is rapidly growing into a commercial infrastructure, and economies are getting more and mo..................

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Advances in e-commerce have resulted in significant progress towards strategies, requirements and developments of e-commerce applications. However, nearly all e-commerce applications envisioned and developed so far assume fixed or stationary users with wired infrastructure. A new e-commerce applicat..................

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Electrical energy storage is required in many applications ? telecommunication devices,such as cell phones and pagers, stand-by power systems, and electric hybrid vehicles. The specifications for the various energy storage devices are given in terms of energy stored (Who) .and maximum power as well ..................

Page name : Electronic Programme Guide EPG , Posted by: seminar projects crazy epg arizona, epg azcentral, apg bank, epg bracing, epg brisbane, epg background audio, epg blood test, epg broadcast, epg bills, epg books, epg boston, epg billing, Guide, Programme, Electronic,
Also known as Interactive Program(me) Guide (IPG) or Electronic Service Guide (ESG), EPG is an on-screen guide to scheduled broadcast television programs, permitting a viewer to browse, select, and discover contents based on time, title, channel, genre, etc, using their remote control, a keyboard or..................

Page name : Third Generation , Posted by: computer science crazy generation dead, generation after boomers, generation alpha, generation after baby boomers, generation awesome, generation ages, generation americaorg, generation adidas, generation america, generation characteristics, generation cycle, generation change, generation cedar, generation care, generation curses, generation credit union, generation church, generation breakdown, generation boutique in pakistan, generation broke, generation baby boomers, generation before baby boomers, generation by knoll, generation bank, generation brands, Generation, Third,
The third generation of mobile cellular systems are intended to unify the diverse systems we see today into a seamless radio infrastructure capable of offering a wide range of services in different radio environments, with the quality we
have come to expect from wire line communication networks. Si..................

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Advances in several fundamental technologies are making possible mobile computing platforms of unprecedented power. In the speech and voice technology business fields SALT has been introduced as a new tool. SALT supplies a critical missing component, facilitating intuitive speech-based i..................

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These computers include the entire spectrum of PCs, through professional workstations upto super-computers. As the performance of computers has increased, so too has the demand for communication between all systems for exchanging data, or between central servers and the associated host computer sys..................

Page name : Embedded DRAM , Posted by: computer science crazy dream horse, dream house, dream homes, dram book, drambuie, dream book, dreambox, dram basics, dram birmingham, dram bank interleave, dram bero, dram burst length, dram bottles, dram glossary, dram guide, dram ganged mode, dram grains, drama games, dram grain conversion, dram gram, 1 dram glass vials, dram glasses, dreamgirls, drum and bass, dram abbreviation, dram and bass, dream act, dram architecture, dream analysis, dram and sram, total dram action, dram antitrust settlement, dram antitrust litigation, DRAM, Embedded,
This paper examines some aspects of the architecture of embedded DRAM (dynamic random access memory), its applications and its advantages over other conventional memory types.

Embedded DRAM (eDRAM) ? the concept of merging DRAM with logic on a single device ? has become increasingly popular, tha..................

Page name : SMARTER WORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM , Posted by: projectsofme SMARTER WORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, SMARTER, WORK, content management system, student management system, project management system, hospital management system, bank management system, school management system, hospital management system project, hostel management system, quality management system, college management system, MANAGEMENT, SYSTEM,
Presented by:
Sukumar Behera
Bikash Kumar Rath
Manoranjan Mahallick
Hrishikesh Mohapatra
Partha Sarathi Pati
Debaranjan Pradhan


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