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Page name : MICROPROCESSORS AND INTERFACING II BTech II Semester Regular Examinations , Posted by: seminar flower MICROPROCESSORS AND INTERFACING II BTech II Semester Regular Examinations, MICROPROCESSORS, INTERFACING, BTech, Semester, Regular, Examinations,

1. (a) Explain various interrupts of 8085 Microprocessor and their functionality?
(b) Explain the
i. SID
ii. SOD
iii. S0, S1, S2
iv. INTA pins of 8085 Mic..................

Page name : extreme ultraviolet lithography multithreading microprocessors pdf , Posted by: extreme ultraviolet lithography multithreading microprocessors pdf, extreme, ultraviolet, lithography, multithreading, microprocessors,
pls tell me about dis....................................
its urznt..................

Page name : microprocessor based ELCB , Posted by: snakeye104 microprocessor based ELCB, elcb hager, elcb suppliers, microcontrollers and microprocessors, project based on microprocessor, load breaker, project of microprocessor, elcb pdf, 8086 micro processor, 8086 cpu, double breaker, surplus breakers, elcb breaker, elcb protection, microprocessor, based, ELCB,
hi guys,
i am an electronic student, at my last year degree.
iam looking for some one to help me to design a microprocessor baced Earth leakage curcuit breaker (ELCB) with solid state relay that will work as a reclouser of the ciurcuit if the fault isnt real.
can any one help me on this?..................

Page name : WIRELESS MICROCONTROLLER BASED BLACK BOX FOR CAR , Posted by: WIRELESS MICROCONTROLLER BASED BLACK BOX FOR CAR, WIRELESS, MICROCONTROLLER, BASED, microcontroller kits, microcontroller tutorial, microcontroller based wireless home automation, microcontroller network, bluetooth microcontroller, design microcontroller, wireless microcontrollers, microcontroller board, avr microcontroller, microprocessors, arm microcontroller, BLACK,
please send me details, components and implementation of project

Page name : i am looking for any project on Micro controller system to transmit data over a lon , Posted by: nfsbmw84 i am looking for any project on Micro controller system to transmit data over a lon, looking, project, Micro, controller, system, micro controller project, atmel, pic controller, microcontroller, pic projects, pic programming, electronics projects, pic controller kits, microcontroller projects, microprocessors, electronic projects, project board, pic microcontroller, micro controllers, micro controller, transmit, data, over,
i am looking for any project on Micro controller system to transmit data over a long distance

help me please..................

Page name : nano lasers for faster microprocessors , Posted by: prasu22 nano lasers for faster microprocessors, microprocessor tutorialnano, microprocessor tutorial8086 microprocessor pdf, microprocessors history, what is microprocessor, microprocessor 8085 programming, microprocessor report, arm microprocessor, applications of microprocessor, history of microprocessor, microprocessor comparison, application of microprocessor, evolution of microprocessor, 8086 microprocessor pdf, lasers, faster, microprocessors,
Researchers at the University of California, Berkley, have developed a way to grow nanolasers on a piece of silicon which is believes to pave the way for new generation of laser processors.

In fact the silicon is bad at generating light. Scientists had previously tried to develop chips made of ..................

Page name : Future evolution of microprocessor from single core to multi core , Posted by: Future evolution of microprocessor from single core to multi core, Future, evolution, microprocessor, from, microprocessor usessingle, microprocessor usesmicro processor, history microprocessor, microprocessors definition, microprocessor programming, microprocessor history, first microprocessor, 8085 micro processor, microprocessor 8085, microprocessor architecture, the first microprocessor, micro processors, microprocessor wiki, micro processor, core, multi,
Dusa Sindhoori
Sree Chaitanya College Of Engineering
LMD colony

I want the abstract,ppt,documentation and details about the topic Future evolution of microprocessor from single core to multi core
please send these details to sindhu_friend00..................

Page name : Microprocessors Microcomputers and Assembly Language , Posted by: project report helper Language, Assembly, Microcomputers, Microprocessors,

Microprocessors, Microcomputers, and Assembly Language

Avni Mashru

1.Microprocessors, Microcomputers, and Assembly Language

The microprocessor is a programmable integrated device that has computing and
Decision- making capability similar to that..................

Page name : Integrated Design and Implementation of Embedded Control Systems with Scilab , Posted by: seminar surveyer embedded control systems microprocessors, embedded control systems inc illinois, embedded control systems inc chicago, embedded control systems il, embedded control systems inc, embedded control systems lisle il, embedded control systems lisle, embedded control systems in c c++, embedded control systems controllers, embedded control systems company, embedded control systems course, embedded control systems definition, embedded control systems engineers, embedded control systems design, embedded control system,
Prepared by:
Longhua Ma
Feng Xia
Zhe Peng


Embedded systems are playing an increasingly important role in control engineering. Despite their popularity, embedded systems are generally subject to resource constraints and it is therefore difficult to bui..................

Page name : microprocessors , Posted by: sadhuselvan latest microprocessors, latest microprocessorsmicroprocessor and interfacing, microprocessor and microcontroller, 8086 microprocessor programming, microprocessor programming, microprocessor 8085 programs, microprocessor applications, microprocessor definition, microprocessor pdf, embedded microprocessor, first microprocessor, microprocessor and interfacing, microprocessors,
can u plz help me on sme topics for my projects on microprocessor,

Page name : Multi threading microprocessors , Posted by: hemz multithreading microprocessors, multithreading in java, multi threading in aspnet, multithreading in php, multithreading c++, multithreading in c net, multithreading in net, multi threading in vbnet, multithreading in python, microprocessors applications, microprocessors and interfacing, microprocessors 8085, microprocessors ppt, microprocessors and microcontrollers question bank, microprocessors 8086, microprocessors basics, microprocessors book, microprocessors, threading, Multi,
sir i want to knw more about this topic.....................

Page name : Design and Fabrication of GearBox full report , Posted by: project topics industrial design and fabrication inc, albion design and fabrication ltd, welding design and fabrication magazine, design and fabrication pontypool, design and fabrication of 3d microprocessors, design and fabrication ltd, design and fabrication of hydraulic jack, design and fabrication projects, design and fabrication mini projects, Design and Fabrication of GearBox pdf, Design and Fabrication of GearBox Design and Fabrication of GearBox ppt, report, full, GearBox, Fabrication, Design,
Design and Fabrication of GearBox
AIM: To design and fabricate a automobile gearbox

To design a Helical gear box
Study of various gear manufacturing processes
Fabrication of gear box
Representation of Gearbox
Market Survey
Market research was done at following places regarding t..................

Page name : microcontroller baseer rto controller and verififaction , Posted by: coolmade116 microcontroller baseer rto controller and verififaction, microcontroller, baseer, microprocessors and microcontrollerscontroller, microprocessors and microcontrollersmicrocontroller 89c51, low cost microcontroller, st microcontroller, microcontroller software, microcontroller programmer, microcontroller 89c51, verififaction,
please help us..................

Page name : microprocessors based alternator synchronisation , Posted by: microprocessors and interfacing, microprocessors ppt, microprocessors basics, synchronisation in java, synchronisation meaning, synchronization java, synchronisation in qtp, synchronisation software, synchronisation point in qtp, synchronisation of alternator, synchronization definition, synchronisation, alternator, based, microprocessors,
hello i'm in need of the detailed information about the above mentioned topic.
so please do send me information immediately
thanking u


Page name : MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED AUTO SPEED LIMITER WITH AUTO BREAKING , Posted by: MICROCONTROLLER AT89C51 BASED AUTO SPEED LIMITER WITH AUTO BREAKING, MICROCONTROLLER, AT89C51, BASED, AUTO, SPEED, LIMITER, 8051 microcontroller kitWITH, 8051 microcontroller kitmicrocontroller basics, microcontroller 89c51, microprocessors and microcontrollers, 8051 microcontroller pdf, microcontroller project, atmel microcontroller, microcontroller 8051, microcontroller basics, BREAKING,

Page name : RAPTOR MICROPROCESSOR , Posted by: computer science crazy RAPTOR MICROPROCESSOR, what is microprocessor, microprocessors history, microprocessor uses, 8086 microprocessor, history microprocessor, microprocessor programming, first microprocessor, microprocessor history, microprocessor 8085, microprocessor architecture, the first microprocessor, micro processors, microprocessor wiki, micro processor, RAPTOR, MICROPROCESSOR,

Abstract:- The Raptor-16 is a 16-bit embedded microprocessor that boasts the following features

* Full CISC Architecture
* Extremely Powerful Instruction Set
* 12 Base Instructions with 44,961 Combinations
* 4 spare Instruction slots for Signed & Unsig..................

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