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Presented By:
Syed Shafeeq Ahmed
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Visvesvaraya Technological University
An immeasurable amount of multimedia information is available today in digital archives, on the Web, in broadcast data..................

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Description : Need to create a document management system for a client who wants to publish client specific information on his web site that does not need to be accessible to the general public. From the client's side, they will need to be able to log in and be directed to a page that contains the d..................

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Chameleon chips are chips whose circuitry can be tailored specifically for the problem at hand. Chameleon chips would be an extension of what can already be done with field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAS). An FPGA is covered with a grid of wires. At each crossover, the..................

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With the proposed system of e-mail security, all of the e-mail users can have free access to their emails and still have a real privacy. Using the proposed system senders can encrypt their email. Automatically, this system will perform the encryption on the content of the mess..................

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With future threats emerging and the overall needs of the military changing, the armor mechanics community is always exploiting new materials and technologies to stay at the forefront of defense capabilities. Along these lines, this presentation will cover some of the research conducted at the Army ..................

Page name : industrial Visit Rainbow , Posted by: computer science crazy Rainbow, Visit, industrial,
Next Section > > >
Introduction about the Company
Shyam Group
Shyam Group is Indias leading communication solution provider. Shyam Telecom Ltd. is the flagship company of the group, which has four other service companies. The Groups business interests include integrated communi..................

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